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Stinson II (1/24/12 Celine II x Oz III), a Golden Retriever/Labrador cross.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Almost 8 months old....

Our new CCI NCR friends, Cheri and her puppy, Demi, left for Michigan this weekend. We had a farewell breakfast this week and the three puppies were very well behaved (evidence below!).
Cracker Barrel's gift shop is a great place for exposures. This was a mechanical stuffed puppy that rolled around on the floor and laughed hysterically. L-R Demi, Holland, Chewy
On our way out, the three 'kids' posed for a picture under the bench on the porch. They all stayed for a long 'down' - very impressive! L-R Holland, Demi, Chewy
I've been volunteering at the Community Foundation of Sarasota three times a week. Chewy is learning 'under' and waiting patiently for me when I have to leave the desk. He's improving with each visit.