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Sunday, November 29, 2009

14 weeks - happy puppy!

Chewy is at 29 lbs. this week and just got his next to last booster vaccine.
Chewy started Puppy Kindergarten this week - Holland and Aunt Phyllis come with us. They are both doing really well. We are all (puppies, too) going to the CCI SER campus on Thursday this week for a tour.
He still fits in the toy drawer, but not for long!
We call this puppy TV. He loves to lie on the kitchen floor and watch our cockatoo, Biski, play on the floor of the bird room - great entertainment! We have started using the tie down and have been on neighborhood walks, which he loves, and we're working on stairs (which he doesn't love!). He's learning to walk on a loose leash and doing really well. We had company for Thanksgiving and lots of noises (blender/food processor/mixer) and nothing bothered him.

On a different note, I have received word that Duchess, my last puppy raised, has passed her medicals and her first 'report card' indicated she is on target in her guide dog training. You GO, Duchess! :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Twelve weeks and 26 lbs.!

One of several play dates at Aunt Phyllis' - playing with retired GD, Bert.

Chewy loves to get close to Tiller.

He's learned to ride quietly in the car.

Playing with CCI puppy Holland II (2 weeks younger) at Aunt Phyllis' (again!) - she might be half his size, but she makes up for it in personality and self confidence!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Growing boy at 11 weeks

Chewy is doing great - up to 20 lbs. this week and learning very quickly. He goes to the door and sits when he needs to 'hurry' (LOVE that). He's already learned 'sit', 'down', 'wait', 'kennel', and 'out' (although not proficient, by any means). He loves crashing through the ferns and palms in the backyard and chasing Tiller around. A very independent and confident puppy!
Chewy had a great time playing with Princess, a Vizsla GDPIT.
His first visit to the Veterinarian - he was very good-only mildly interested in the cats.
He started wearing his Gentle Leader while eating this week. Nothing stops him from eating!
Not a big help while ironing! He didn't want to move once he was all settled in.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Settling in at home....

Chewy is 16 lbs. now and playing with his new roommate, Tiller...

loves the 'toy box' - perfect fit!

Already learning to pose for pictures....

and enjoying a nap under the chair.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Welcome home, Chewy!

It has been a day of new experiences for this little boy - but, he's a very happy puppy, playful and good natured already. Aunt Phyllis and I picked him up at the airport & brought him home about 2 hours ago. He's had a bath, eaten a light lunch, played with his toys, 'hurried' outside (twice!), and now he's sound asleep in his crate.

Canine Companions for Independence, www.cci.org, has been wonderful and professional throughout the application process and placement of Chewy with us for puppy raising. I can't say enough about the friendly, experienced and supportive staff. We are really looking forward to raising Chewy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

That's a big dog!

We had a fun visit with friends today and had a close encounter with Shadow, a very handsome dressage horse at Dr. Laurie's.
I thought maybe carrots were dog treats, too, but no. (Honestly, it didn't smell very good.) Just after this, Tiller and I took off running. Tiller took me straight to the pond (she'd been here before). She stopped on the edge and I went right in - up to my ears - I LOVED it! Tiller didn't even get her feet wet, but I was soaked.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Our last visit to Kings Gate Club

One week to go, now - our Area Coordinator, Roy, is picking up Duchess on Thursday and returning her to campus for her formal training. THIS is the hard part. Now, everything that has come before this seems so easy! Duchess has a wonderful, playful spirit and a quick mind. I will always remember her patience and gentleness while recuperating from her medical procedures and while learning new commands. She always tried to do her best for me - and she did.
We made our last trip together to Kings Gate Club last weekend to say goodbye and Thank You to the great folks there. We can't say enough about their support and friendship!

Puppy Party - her last!

Posted by PicasaWe went to Aunt Barb's for lunch yesterday - so many dogs and puppies! We had a really good time and everyone behaved, too.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sunset 'Drumming' on Siesta Key

This was the second time we came to the sunset drumming at the beach. Hundreds of people, lots of noise & music, dancing, food, waves and seagulls. Piece o' cake!! :)

I came across this short video of Duchess with Daphne (her GDP friend now IFT) when they were both about 12 weeks old, last summer. Short, but SWEET. Hard to believe they were ever this small! I think that's the Viszla, Baron (now a career change), with them.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Out & About - 3 weeks to go!!

Today we went to lunch at Cracker Barrel - there were four of us under the table. Look close and you can see three - Barbie the guide, me and a little bit of Saxon the Rough Coat Collie guide dog puppy in training. There wasn't much room, but that didn't stop us from getting comfy!
We had a great time on Saturday - we went to lunch with our sponsors from King's Gate Club, Nip & Jackie - at Casey Key Fish House. Great smells, boats, water, birds - I loved it!
Dad took me for a walk on the docks - I liked looking at the fish swimming in the water.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We received our notification that Duchess is being called back to school (In For Training) the week of September 21st. We're working very hard to catch up on her exposures before then, and she's doing great. Really starting to settle down and mature - just 6 weeks to go!
Recovering from my spay - snoozing under Mom's desk at home. Tiller was there first, but it didn't stop me!
One of my favorite toys - I like to sleep on my 'favs', so Tiller can't take 'em. Smart, arent' I?
We went to The Asolo Theatre for a Children's Haven production - I went last year, too, when I was just a baby. Everyone LOVED the play!
I'm fully recovered now, so we had a puppy meeting in Ft. Myers last night and I got to work in harness. Piece of cake!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Puppy Camp!

I went to 'Aunt Phyllis' for a Puppy Camp. Boy, did she keep me busy! (Not that kind of 'busy'.) Among other things, we went on a bus ride, walked over a metal drawbridge AND.....
saw the Praise Band perform at Siesta Chapel on Sunday AND....
the bongos at church and....
her neighbor and his Harley Davidson (running!) and.....

my favorite part!!! Her two granddaughters, Sam and Amy - they wore me out! I had so much fun with them. I slept for two days when I came home, but it sure was great. Thanks, Aunt Phyllis!

Vacation at the Ritz-Carlton!

My first time at the beach - I loved playing in the sand.
Wow - I've never seen anything like this before!

We took the shuttle bus from the hotel to the Beach Club.

I loved looking down from the balcony and watching the people.

I behaved beautifully in the hotel room.

My sleeping corner - nice feather pillow - don't get those at home!

We went to the pool and I watched people swim - very strange indeed.

I was exhausted and took a nap in the Club Lounge before we went home. Everyone there was very impressed with how well I behaved since I'm still just a puppy and all.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

My 1st birthday was Tuesday, but we went to lunch today and met all of my friends - Baron, Daphne and Barbie. I was the only one in a funny hat!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting out again!-Just 2 weeks to go!

I'm almost recovered from my knee surgery - I'm on 10 minute walks 3 times a day this week - next week it's 15 minutes 3 times a day. Then - FREEDOM! We all went to my sponsor, King's Gate Club, the day before Easter for a short visit at their monthly meeting. Baron and Lorraine were there and I borrowed the bunny ears from him (they look good, don't you think?).
Today, we went to see Dr. Herbold so he could check on my raiser's foot - just like I go to the vet and get my knee checked after my surgery. I like his office MUCH better than the vet's!!! I 'find the seat', 'find the door', 'down,under' and 'stay' ALOT (and I'm good at it, too!).

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bandage and Stitches Gone!

Aunt Phyllis took me to the vet last week (my raiser had foot surgery and had to stay home) to get my bandages & stitiches removed. Dr. Capuano was very pleased with my knee - she said I looked great! (You can tell I was a VERY good girl for this!)
That feels so much better!!!
Here's a picture of my raiser (with HER leg in a 'boot') and me - my leg is healing up beautifully, as you can see. We go to the vet for a check-up today and MAYBE Tiller gets to come home from Aunt Phyllis' house!!! I can't wait!!!!
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Thursday, March 19, 2009


A you can see, I am resting comfortably (?) and enjoying my time off. Although I do miss my friends (puppy & two-legged) very much! 4 weeks to go, give or take....my raiser is havng her foot surgery tomorrow morning....we're going to be a pair, aren't we?
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