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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We received our notification that Duchess is being called back to school (In For Training) the week of September 21st. We're working very hard to catch up on her exposures before then, and she's doing great. Really starting to settle down and mature - just 6 weeks to go!
Recovering from my spay - snoozing under Mom's desk at home. Tiller was there first, but it didn't stop me!
One of my favorite toys - I like to sleep on my 'favs', so Tiller can't take 'em. Smart, arent' I?
We went to The Asolo Theatre for a Children's Haven production - I went last year, too, when I was just a baby. Everyone LOVED the play!
I'm fully recovered now, so we had a puppy meeting in Ft. Myers last night and I got to work in harness. Piece of cake!

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