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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Play Date!

Phyllis and I and the puppies (Chewy, below center, and Holland, below right) went to North Port to visit CCI NCR (North Central Region) raiser Cheri and her puppy, Demi (on the left). They had a great time together - didn't stop running and playing for an hour. That's Tiller, my career change guide dog ("you do have a treat, right?") on the left, along with Chewy ("hmmm, that ear looks mighty tasty!") and Demi ("what do you want me to do now, huh, huh, huh?").
The CCI puppies start a new obedience class next week - pictures to follow.......
I received the most recent monthly training report on Duchess, the last guide dog puppy I raised. She's in Phase III (final phase) and is on track with all of her training. They're still working with her on the loud/strange noise aversion and are optimistic she will overcome it as her confidence and level of maturity increase.

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