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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finally-New Year, New Post :)

 Chewy and I have been very busy since our last post. 

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County http://www.cfsarasota.org/ featured us in their new Annual Report, so we had our portrait taken.

Chewy loves going there to 'work' three afternoons a week.  Everyone loves Chewy (and respects and understands the rules).  It has been a great experience for him with stairs, elevator, office machines, strangers, food, large functions (200+), and even children occasionally.

 I took all three dogs to our friend, Dr. Jack, at Nokomis Veterinary Clinic for their annual checkups, vaccinations, etc.  Chewy loves going to the vet and was very brave about getting a skin scraping done.  Now, he's 'street legal' and ready to go!

Chewy has a wide social circle, but one of his favorite buddies is Tamali, a 6 month old CCI puppy from the North Central Region. They have a great time playing in the backyard and grinding each other into the dirt!

Chewy trying REALLY hard to ignore the napkin on the floor.  He was sucessful!

We went to an outdoor
festival and Chewy got to meet the Mounted Patrol horse.

And, finally, Chewy has almost completely overcome his fear of the smell of smoke/burning things. 

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