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Stinson II (1/24/12 Celine II x Oz III), a Golden Retriever/Labrador cross.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

and the winner is.....Stinson!

One week until I receive my shiny (well, not really shiny), new 8 week old Golden Retriever/Labrador cross Canine Companions for Independence service puppy in training - Stinson.  Apparently named after a beautiful beach in the area where all CCI puppies are bred and whelped, Southern California and, coincidentally, the surname of a puppy raiser 'extraordinaire' deserving of a namesake from the comments I've seen.  A wonderful photographer, Douglas Bawden, donating time and services to CCI, has been taking photos of Stinson's litter from the beginning, lucky for me!  http://douglasbawdenphotography.wordpress.com/ - there are three posts to date with photos.  Stinson is in the group photo with his mama, Celine, about 1/2 way down the page - the caption points him out.  And, some photos from the Breeder/Caretaker, Ann.....
Scout atop Stinson, snoozing...

What a face!

Scout, Stinson, Sam, Simba, Sorbet

Stinson & older sibling,  Talura

It really IS 'like a box of chocolates'.....you wonder - will he be calm or excitable, quiet or vocal, slow or quick (pace, not brain!), big or small, long-coated or short-coated.....and so many other things running through your mind.  All the teachable moments ahead.  All the things you've learned from the puppies you've raised and what other raisers have taught you.  All the things you don't want to forget.  But, especially you learn to cherish each one as an individual, and the time you have with them.  Because, all too soon, they'll be off to advanced training, breaking your heart.  And, you'll be welcoming a brand new puppy into your life, easing the pain, mending your broken heart - and making it even larger with each one. 

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